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Current Housing Market Adjusts to COVID-19

In the wake of the coronavirus pandemic, it is quite evident that there have been real changes in our everyday lives and working conditions. Though how is the current housing market being affected? 

Well, it is not operating in a traditional sense. However, real estate professionals, like myself, are working amidst these massive changes to ensure that the market can maintain afloat in this upside-down world right now. 

Are you considering selling but are worried about the current conditions? Trends in home-selling techniques in the last month have proven that you may not have to wait until things seem back to normal. 

One benefit of these changing times is that online influence is more significant now than ever before. Americans are home all day, and social media influence is boosting dramatically. Better yet, real estate professionals are being innovative with technology, using resources like virtual tours and increased social media exposure to keep you connected. This keeps essential business moving forward and allows for agents to act as leaders in their community. 

This time of year is considered the best time to sell a home, and though the market must shift to accommodate these current changes, now is still a time to sell. Let’s continue to build confidence in the real estate market.