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Are You Moving or Thinking of Moving?

The idea of moving homes can often be an overwhelming thought. Between accumulating the tools necessary to get the process started, decluttering drawers and closet spaces, and organizing your belongings to the last detail- there is a lot of work to be done! Though it doesn’t have to be difficult. 

I myself recently moved homes after over 15 years of living under the same roof. Although I knew there was much to get done in such a short amount of time, I quickly discovered that starting small was the best approach for me. For example, when I began the process, I focused on one room a day for one hour. This tactic allowed me to focus on one small area of my home at a time to prevent being overwhelmed with the moving process. 

Here are five tips I recommend completing before listing:

  1. DECLUTTER SPACES  I cleaned out drawers throughout my home with the intent of only leaving the necessities. You would be surprised at what a difference this already makes! 
  2. DONATE AND SELL  As someone like myself who loves the look of books placed throughout my home but never has the time to read them all, I knew I needed to let a few go. I managed to sort out the books I would never read and take them to McKay’s in Knoxville. I made $26 just within my first box. 
  3. MARKET FURNITURE  I uploaded smaller pieces of furniture on Facebook Marketplace. Although I did not make a lot of money, it helped minimize the amount of furniture I would be taking with me when I moved. 
  4. DISPOSE OF UNWANTED ITEMS  I would take items to the disposal facility the same day that I decluttered. This kept me from fighting the urge to think twice about belongings that I had already decided to get rid of. 
  5. MAKE A REPAIR LIST  Finally, after cleaning out each room, I made a list of what was needed to repair the room. Doing this made it easier to understand what tasks still needed to be completed and kept me goal-oriented. 

After getting my home under contract, I repeated these steps when necessary. This included more decluttering, organizing, and checking off those to-do boxes! 

Here are a couple of extra tips that helped me along the way:

  • I had a home inspection done just for my peace of mind. 
  • I asked people who I knew recently sold their homes if I could use their moving boxes. This idea kept me from spending money on a single box! I also labeled every box accordingly, which saved me loads of time when moving.